Monday, August 04, 2003

My favourite hobby is hunting and training falcons. I enjoy hunting with falcons along with my friends. I own a falcon , which i named him " Sgayer " , its my favourite of all the falcons that i owned . "Sgayer" has a nice figure along with size and looks. I train him three times a week , feed him a whole pigeon daily , i keep track of its weight because if falcons go over weight it affects their ability in flying and their speed. It takes alot of effort training falcons because its really hard work but its fun at the same time .

Here is a site about falonry

Saturday, July 26, 2003

I would like to present Saeed Al-Bahri. He is a U.A.E citizen and he comes from Marfa.
He likes to play football, swim in a pool and write poetry all in his free time.
Saeed doesn’t like to lie or the fact that other people lie and he doesn’t like stealing.
Saeed came to the PI to improve his English language and have an idea about the environment he's going to encounter when he starts his studies in the PI.
Saeed sees himself as a petroleum engineer in 5 years.
Done by:Saif Saeed

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